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( A forbidden bite )

[09 Nov 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I need a new clock.

My old clock must be broken. It tells me it's still almost four o'clock, but it can't be, I've been waiting here for hours, I wouldn't be surprised if it was days.

And my clock says it's only been ten minutes.

All my other clocks are lying, my watch is lying as well.. perhaps Japan is currently caught in a time warp, or some strange magnetic force is making all the watch hands stand still?

There will be a reason in something.

But for now, I think I shall go walking. I may turn up at his house earlier than expected.

こうじさんが-- どこにいますか。

But at least it will make time move again.

( A forbidden bite )

[23 Sep 2003|01:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

These results.. they are.. anouuuu...Collapse )

Well.. I am back, ne. After a long period of absence, I have returned to update. Many things to write about but now, my head is weary. It has been a long night and an even longer morning and now I look forward to sitting with my book and perhaps a cup of coffee to bring me back to some state of conciousness.

It was... an interesting night. As Ko-chan has already stated in his log, we must get together soon to discuss some things. I believe the time has come for such a meeting, and no longer want to delay it. I shall get in touch with Klaha and Mana, who I have not seen for a while, to try and organise it. Hrmm.. I do wonder what Mana and Kuraha-san have been up to while I was so preoccupied.

Much to find out, much to catch up on.

Jya ne.

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[05 Jun 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

konban wa minna-san. This is the first time in many days that I have written in the evening time.

Kozi-san was not home. His default message was on instead of the normal one.. perhaps Zaku has been playing with the settings to get him back for planning to cut the poor kitty's nails.

Hopefully, I shall go to Harajuku soon, with Kozi-kun, in search of new clothes. Despite my pants alone, I am desperately in need of something new to cover me. It seems everything but my costumes are beginning to show their wear by fraying or discolouring.. it is times like this I still with okaasan was here to do it for me. Unfortunately though, it is now up to me to find suitable clothing.

Yes.. it has to be appropriate, doesn't it...

Perhaps Kozi-san would not be my ideal partner for such an outing.

But there is other things we must attend to, and he seems the only one not tied down by his hair and nails at the moment. It will be nice to get together, but it seems so far away. It saddens me to think there is another week ahead without seeing any of you all. I need to distract myself by going out to purchase some food for my hungry cupboards, and stomach, and dog. inu is whining at the door now, so I'm sure that they are thinking the same thing.

Jya ne.

( A forbidden bite )

[03 Jun 2003|10:46am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

ohayo gozaimasu minna-san. It is the morning, yet again.

I do not know why I so often write in the mornings.. I believe it is a feeling of clarity, that my thoughts are unjaded by the day's perceptions. It is nice to reflect on prior moments whilst in the a.m. hours, especially by the light of the sun rising. Although I do have an urge, when that happens, to run for cover. It seems though, despite my wishes and secret longings, I do not disintegrate to dust at the sight of sunlight. Perhaps tomorrow.

I am not sure of many things at the moment. Even the morning cannot clarify my uncertainties. But despite this, I am sure everything will settle soon. Perhaps after the meeting with Klaha-kun, and Mana-sama. I am sure Kozi-san is yet to check their updates-- he is far too busy, doing everything but his dishes these days. I will have to inform him soon, to see if he was aware of what the others have arranged.

Mana-sama seems to have arranged everything for me, for which I am semi-grateful. If it was left to me, I am sure it would either be forgotten or not arranged in the first place. My telephone has prepared itself for the bombardment of calls from Mana-sama's house in the day prior to the meeting. When I answer of course, I shall be greeted with silence; as I'm sure Mana-sama is aware I will get the message without his needing to speak. I believe he has found a way to speak through his music so much, he has forgotten how his own voice box works.

I shall see you all when I do.

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[31 May 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | good ]

Well.. it is the morning.

It seems I slept at Kozi-kun's all of last night, seeing as I was here when I awoke. It was an interesting night, if nothing else, although I do think one sushi man shall quit his trade forever.

The jeans I am wearing are still slightly damp; Kozi does not have a drier in his house. In fact, I highly doubt he has ever even seen his laundry before, or his dishwasher, by the state of his kitchen sink, piled with dishes and plates. And I also noticed, as I woke later than he, our sushi cartons. I do not think he knows to throw them out, and not wash them. Perhaps I should do his dishes soon, to try and say thankyou for a nice night. Or perhaps I should anyway, before something begins living in them.

My leg seems fine now, which is good, because I am walking home soon. Zaku seems apologetic this morning though, continuing to cuddle up to my legs as I write this. He is a good cat, despite many people's immediate assumptions about him. Although, I do think I shall not let him know I have forgiven him just yet. I am quite enjoying the cat massage I'm recieving.

I shall go do Kozi's dishes now, if I can make my way to his sink...

( A forbidden bite )

[18 May 2003|07:45pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

e.. tou... I need to see Klaha-sama sometime...

I miss Atra.. she is such a nice cat if you pat her enough. She has an evil aura about her.. but.. then again... perhaps it is just Klaha's house, ne? Inviting as it is, there is an air of mischeif about, ne Klaha-sama? I do not know what you get up to, but I would not be surprisised if Atra was involved. She can be evil sometimes.. if you do not pat her enough. -chuckles-

I have been thinking about sitting in your house, Klaha-sama... when we were writing Chameleon No Seppun, sitting on the rug jotting it down as it came to us, you with just your guitar, sitting cross-legged, drinking coffe and laughing. I.. of course.. had hot chocolate instead.

As I said.. I need to see you Klaha-sama.. perhaps we can brain-storm again, ne?

I am missing Kozi-kun..

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[17 May 2003|08:02pm]
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[15 May 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Anou.. I have an announcement, minna-san.

I am tired of all this seriousness.. there is too much discussion over my habits lately, and it seems no matter how hard I insist, there will continue to be concern. So I wish to make it known.. that I am fine, ne..? Although I'm sure, knowing Mana-sama and Kozi-kun's twisted minds, this will convincce you further I am in need of comfort. I promise you, I am not still grieving over Kami in a way that is not natural for me.

And today marks that, ne? I left him a slice of watermelon in my shrine.. a fresh one, too, bought from the market this morning, for my Kami-sama. There is to be no more bickering about Kami-sama.. let him rest in peace, ne?

I also left him.. a piece of chocolate cake... but spirits can't really eat, and Kami-sama never did like fatty foods... dakara... ^^;

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[13 May 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Mana-sama has just.. brought me home..

We went out for dinner, and it was nice. Like back in the Gackt days, when we talked more... before Kami was gone. We talked very little, but there was not much more we could expect from Mana, and the words he said could not have been more perfect, as is the way Mana always is. So very little of anything, but whatever there is, is of a higher quality than most of us can dream.

I am.. feeling sleepy now. It is not a good time for me. I am missing Kami-sama.. and not feeling well... perhaps I should sleep... I will see Kozi and Klaha-sama in the morning, ne? I shall speak to you both as soon as I can.


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[13 May 2003|06:15pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Ahh... so we are all here. It has been such a time since we have all been together again, with the business of new projects and all. I, myself, seem to be the only one who is not pursuing a musical career right now. But.. I think this is a good thing for my other band members, being able to branch away from what they were once bound to. They're all wonderful musicians, I know.. and will go far, I'm very sure. I however would rather stay dormant for a while I believe, and watch the wonderful work my friends will create. and hopefully, inspire a few sparks of genius.

I believe, also, perhaps I should see Mana-sama. I meant to speak to him about Juka, and Kazuno, whether they would be interested in going out sometime. I am curious as to see if their clothing on stage is parallel to that in real life. Although I've heard they're not contacting each other so much just now, with the release of their new album. Perhaps, seeing as things are quieter now, I should just call Mana and arrange a dinner tonight. I would very much like to catch up.

Kozi has not returned my call...

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[11 May 2003|09:48am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

konnichi wa. I called Mana-sama last night, for the first time in a while. He'll be getting onto here soon enough. Which I thank him for, with his busy schedule.

Right now I am outside, in my backyard, on my laptop. It's very nice out here, everything is green and blooming. The plants are fresh and moist with dew from last night's rain. The fragrant scent of flowering buds and crisp leaves wafts past me. I sit out here a lot. Sometimes I invite Kozi-sama or Klaha, but.. they always seem to want to busy themselves, and not just sit here, enjoying the peace... it's a very gentle feeling, being in one's garden so early in the morning.

Perhaps if I wasn't wearing my Au Revoir outfit it may be a little more picturesque. The bright orange against serene browns and greens does not match, I think... but I was reminiscing of Gackt days, and I always did love this song. Anou... even though.. there wasn't much talent needed to play it.

Perhaps I shall sit out here a bit longer.. and visit Kozi later, if he is not busy. It would be a nice day for a stroll in the city I should think.

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[08 May 2003|10:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

Ohayo minna-san. It is very early in the morning for Yu~ki to be up.. I think coffee is needed.

Kozi-sama finally got a LiveJournal. We have been waiting for you, Kozi-sama! And Mana-sama should join us soon... when he can tear away from Juka, ne? I am listening to their album now. I'm not sure what to think of Mana's new work. It is very like Mana, although not in a way I would do myself. It is good music. I like it, although it is different to my own style, and respect him for making it. And finding such a vocalist as Juka.

I should call Klaha, ne? See if he's up yet...

( A forbidden bite )

[04 May 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

こんにちは みんなさん. どぞよろしく。 私は EX-MALICE MIZER の Yu~kiさん です。 この レーイアウトは すごい だ ね.だいすき ですよ。そらでわ... 私の ラーイブジャノル だよ!! ^__^


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